Successfully Commercializing Next-Generation Plant-Based & Biofabricated Alternative Materials in Fashion at Scale

The race is on to bioengineer carbon-neutral, recyclable, biodegradable, and affordable materials & dyes, with 84% of consumers seeking out eco-efficient products and 66% willing to pay more for them.

With next-generation bio-based alternatives touted as the new frontier for sustainable materials, the Next-Generation Bio-Based Alternative Materials Innovation Digital Summit will showcase novel technological advances powering the new wave of alternative material shaping a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Whether you have an innovative bio-based material or technology or are looking to integrate more innovative bio-based textiles into your apparel product lines, this virtual event will equip you with the information and partnerships to succeed.

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What You Will Learn


Discover the changing consumer trends reshaping the materials industry, and identify the actions needed to positively align your products with future consumer purchasing patterns to gain market share.


Determine how to effectively integrate next-generation materials into your current business model and supply chain to leverage sustainability benefits whilst affordability and profitability. 


Understand the potential of next-generation bio-based alternative materials to inform your future product development decisions.


Navigate and overcome the development & manufacturing challenges that can arise, to ensure your products do not compromise on durability, consistency, performance and biodegradability.   


Discuss next-generation technologies to increase scalability and reduce price point of novel materials.

Who You Will Meet

  Innovative Materials Companies


   Multinational Fashion Companies


   Biotechnology Companies


  Academics & Research Institutions


   Material & Chemical Suppliers


   Consumer Trend Analysts


  Equipment Suppliers


   Regulatory Bodies


   Biofabrication Solution Providers




   CRO’s, CMO’s & Consultants


   Incubators & Accelerators


Among Your World-Class Speaker Faculty

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