Accelerating Market-Driven Innovation and Scalability of Alternative Materials in Consumer Goods from Concept to Commercialization

The 2022 event has now run. Thank you to those who attended. More information about the 2023 event will be released soon. For more information please email


Who Attended

  Innovative Materials Companies


   Multinational Fashion Companies


   Biotechnology Companies


  Academics & Research Institutions


   Material & Chemical Suppliers


   Consumer Trend Analysts


  Equipment Suppliers


   Regulatory Bodies


   Biofabrication Solution Providers




   CRO’s, CMO’s & Consultants


   Incubators & Accelerators


What They Learnt:


Learn how to successfully align your company’s strategy with changing consumer trends and requirements to understand purchasing patterns for market gain and growth


Determine how to build strategic partnerships between innovators and brands for the successful integration of sustainable alternatives, for sustainability commitments and product expansion.


Understand the potential of alternative materials to push boundaries of material innovation, in order to create design driven materials and meet consumer standards.


Review the opportunities for increasing scalability and building economies of scale, bringing alternative and bio-based materials to the global market ensuring price point reduction.


Implementing the concept of circularity and circular based systems within production, offering opportunities for removing negative outputs and utilization of feedstocks.

2022 Speaker Highlights:

Sydney Gladman

Chief Scientific Officer

Material Innovation Initiative

Jess Leber

VP of Business Development- Materials

Ginkgo Bioworks

Dave Williamson

Chief Science and Technology Officer

Modern Meadow

Shahriare Mahmood

Chief Sustainability Officer

Spinnova Ltd

Dr Raquel Prado

Head of Research and Sustainability

Ananas Anam

Maurizio Montalti



Isaac Emery


Informed Sustainability Consulting

Jessica Kruger



2022 Partners

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