Unearth Novel Bio-Based Materials Impact, Performance & Customer Perception to Commercialise a Next-Gen Product with Scalability, Biodegradability, & a Circular Economy in Mind

The present upsurge of bio-based innovation poses several sustainability benefits, and when coupled with corporate sustainability commitments, paves the way for enhanced biodegradability, superior performance, and enormous social impact.

The Bio-based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit will gather players like Chloé, Modern Meadow, Spinnova and Spintex to advance scalable change through scientific and business innovation. In this 3-day back-to-back meeting, you will be able to answer many questions that are critical to successfully harnessing the scaling and growth of bio-based materials, including:

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Breaking down definitions of bio-based materials to facilitate consistency across the fashion & textile industry

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Forging collaborations in a non-competitive space to overcome sustainability barriers at scale

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Integrating end-of-life into the innovation process to deliver bio-based materials or long-term circular applications

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Ensuring performance of bio-based products to meet regulatory demand & customer satisfaction

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Moving your bio-based innovation from lab to factory for commercial manufacture

The 2023 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:



Fantastic summit with the very best industry speakers - an absolute must for anyone in the industry" LUXTRA

Very good, nicely organized, and nicely held to a knowledgeable audienceSpinnova

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Modern Meadow (PRNewsfoto/Modern Meadow)

It was a great learning and networking experience. I came away with great insight and understanding! Modern Meadow