About Event

The 2020 Event Has Run: Thank You to Our Speakers, Sponsors and Delegates for Joining Us at the Digital Meeting!


In the last few years, rapid advances in science and technology have driven a new materials revolution, supported by some of fashion’s biggest brands and a plethora of start-ups developing materials from novel feedstocks such as algae, fungi and crop waste.

The Next-Generation Bio-Based Alternative Materials Innovation Summit will bring together key decision-makers and innovators from start-ups, biotechs creating plant-based alternative materials & dyes, together with fashion & apparel brands, leading suppliers and manufacturers, to explore key challenges and opportunities in the successful commercialization of bio-based materials and dyes at scale.

Next March join fellow experts from MII, Natural Fiber, Welding, Spiber, AlgiKnit and many more, to discuss how pioneering plant-based and biotech enabled technology innovations are changing the sustainable materials landscape. Addressing topics from scaling up from R&D into pilot production and beyond, discover how these new materials are pushing boundaries on both sustainability and functionality, whilst transforming value chains.

Why Should I Attend?

Biotechs &
Material Companies


  • Navigate and overcome the technical, development & manufacturing challenges that can arise, to successfully move from R&D into pilot production and beyond, pushing boundaries on both sustainability and functionality, and successfully commercialising your novel material.
  • Meet with leading brands interested in integrating your innovative materials into their product offerings.

Fashion &
Apparel Brands

  • Determine how to effectively integrate next-generation materials into your current business model and supply chain to leverage sustainability benefits whilst ensuring your products do not compromise on durability, consistency, performance, and biodegradability.
  • From biodegradable coat hangers and insulating materials to mushroom leather, find the right bio-based materials to become more sustainable and meet your corporate sustainable development goals.

Investors &


  • Discover the next generation of cutting-edge innovators, developing novel bio-based materials, who are looking to raise their next round of capital.
  • As big companies such as H&M, Bentley, Adidas, Ikea and many more are all touting ambitious sustainable materials targets for 2021, it is more important than ever to invest in innovative startups who can accelerate this growing industry. ​​​​​​Don’t be left wishing you had met them before they were looking to raise their next round of capital!