Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

Join us as we unite the community and showcase the latest advances through this dedicated virtual platform. 

If you have a material, chemicalenzyme, or feedstock that can enable fashion brands, upholstery, and even automotive companies to meet their sustainability goals with products that do not compromise on durability, performance, or biodegradability, or are a provider of equipment or solutions which can help companies achieve the scale they require please get in touch, the community will want to meet you.


The Bio-based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit will allow you to connect with key decision-makers and:

Position your brand as a key player in the sustainability space: Benefit from enhanced brand exposure, not only at the event but through pre & post-conference branding opportunities and logo inclusion across event material and marketing communications.

Meet Key Stakeholders and Build Authentic Collaboration Deals: Connect with C-level executives from fashion, upholstery, and automotive brands, and next-generation material companies looking to invest in novel products and processes to enhance their bio-based material offering.

Exhibit Your Expertise In Front of an Audience: Position yourself as a thought leader, with the opportunity to deliver a presentation or dedicated insight session to key decision-makers, showcasing your unique solutions.

Pitch Your Expertise at the Summit’s Expo Forum: Benefit from the summit’s expo forum, where innovators will elevate their bio-based technologies! Join them to pitch your solution and make potential clients a far easier process.

Who You Will Meet?

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32258 - C Level
32258 - company split