Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday | April 18, 2023

Escaping the Sin of Greenwashing Bio-based Fashion

8AM  | 10:30AM

In order to secure investment for your bio-based material, you need to substantiate sustainability claims with robust evidence to curb potential greenwashing allegations. While brands tend to capitalise on sustainability as a marketing strategy, the substance of such claims is under watch and question. In this practical, thought-provoking workshop, we will address the following questions:
• Are greenwashing allegations deterring bio-based innovations from entering the market?
• Should you go public with the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) tool results? and can we effectively compare Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data?
• What are some practical tips to preventing greenwashing claims against your organization?

Workshop Leader:

becky e pangai

Beckie Ellis
Materials Impact Manager

Redirecting Consumer Perception & Awareness for Bio-based Materials

11AM  | 2:30PM

Successful market entry of bio-based materials into international markets hinges on consumer perception and awareness. As customer behaviour plays a profound role in facilitating a circular economy, this consumer-centric workshop will delve into the following:
• How has public perception of different bio-based materials changed over the years, and specifically after greenwashing bashes in the media?
• How can you tell the story of your bio-based material? and is it going to matter to your consumer?
• How can you promote ‘biomaterial’ as a selling feature?

Workshop Leader:

jen keane

Jen Keane
Co-Founder & CEO
Modern Synthesis 

Fiber-to-Fiber Recycling Technologies: On Closing the Fashion Loop

3PM  | 5:30PM

With less than 1% of textiles waste being recycled fiber-to-fiber, significant transformation is needed to enable a circular economy. This recycling space is characterised by well-established methods, such as the mechanical recycling of pure cotton, as well as novel technologies on the brink of commercialisation. This workshop will delve into the following:
• Comparing mechanical and chemical recycling methods
• Highlighting recycling breakthroughs that handle fiber blends and improve output quality
• Overcoming challenges to scaling bio-based material recycling

Workshop Leader:


Petra Schweiger
Director, Project Europe
Accelerating Circularity