Shahriare Mahmood

Shahriare Mahmood

Company: Spinnova Ltd

Job title: Chief Sustainability Officer


Reduction of Environmental Footprint Associated to Conventional Fibre, Through Bio-Based Innovation and the Facilitation of Upcycling 12:45 pm

• The sustainable innovation of Spinnova (chemical process free fiber production) and possibility of using different feedstock as raw material. • The potential of the fiber to replace the conventional fibers (e.g. cotton) and reduce the environmental (water, carbon etc.) footprint associated. • Recycling of Spinnova fiber in the same mechanical way.Read more

day: Day Two

PANEL- What Bio-Based Material Innovations are allowing for the Development of Sustainable Products? 9:45 am

• Discussing and looking at the limits of bio-material innovation, to get a clear picture of what to work towards. • What developments are coming to fruition in the coming years that may change the market dynamic.Read more

day: Day One

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