Stephanie Downs

Stephanie Downs

Company: Material Innovation Initiative

Job title: Co-Founder & Board Chair


PANEL: An Investors Perspective 2:20 pm

A panel of investors discusses what they look for in brands and how best to secure funding. They will touch on topics such as perfecting your pitch and answer questions from the audience around the capital-raising process.Read more

day: Day Two

PANEL: The Future of Next-Generation Bio-Based Alternative Materials 12:10 pm

Next-Generation materials are transforming the textiles industry, one fibre at a time. Panelists will discuss their perspectives on the future of bio-based alternative materials, touching on: -Supply chain integration -The future of materials from a brand perspective -Innovation beyond replacing traditional materials -Achieving scalability -Developing nomenclature, education & value proposition -Encouraging adoption beyond a single…Read more

day: Day One

PANEL: How can bio-based materials match quality of traditional materials? 10:00 am

• Achieving durability whilst balancing biodegradability • Creating custom textures & properties of materials • Achieving consistency between batchesRead more

day: Day One

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