8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Isaac Emery Founder, Informed Sustainability Consulting

Why is it Vital for Brands and Material Developers to Invest in Sustainable Alternatives for Consumer Products?

8:15 am What does the Conscious Consumer want and what is the Commercial Consequence?


• Why are people turning to sustainability in the present day, and what are they willing to invest in?
• What interventions are needed to align consumers’ behaviors with their stated preferences, presented by trends, feedback, and market insight?
• What brands are successfully pivoting to sustainable products and strategies?

8:45 am Encouraging Adoption of Sustainable Materials by Brands


• What are the first steps of contact needed between brands and sustainable material providers to be able to start a relationship between both companies?
• How to align the requirements of the brand and their products with the capabilities and potential of the sustainable material in question?
• What can be done to increase opportunities and awareness on the adoption of sustainable materials, to encourage future uptake of these materials into the mainstream.

9:15 am Mapping End Product Goals & Design to Allow for Partnerships in Innovation

9:45 am PANEL- What Bio-Based Material Innovations are allowing for the Development of Sustainable Products?


• Discussing and looking at the limits of bio-material innovation, to get a clear picture of what to work towards.
• What developments are coming to fruition in the coming years that may change the market dynamic.

10:30 am Biology by Design: Driving Materials Innovation

  • Jess Leber VP of Business Development- Materials , Ginkgo Bioworks


  • What is driving the future of material innovation?
  • How can synthetic biology address challenges in the design of new materials that are sustainable and better for the environment?
  • How can companies innovate and scale, while still meeting the demand of markets?

11:00 am Morning Networking Break

What Technical Applications are Achievable using Sustainable and Bio-Based Materials?

11:30 am Meeting Consumer Standards Within Bio-Materials Innovation


• How to ensure that functionality, quality, and cost is balanced and met within bio-based materials production.
• Knowing what is best to compromise on within product development, and elements to prioritize on within production.

12:00 pm PANEL- How to Design, Develop, and Tailor products to meet Consumer Needs and Environmental Principles


• Ensuring that the consumers priorities are inputted into product development and reflected within the end product.
• Ensuring the product remains within the brands sustainability guidelines.

12:45 pm Networking Lunch Break

Aligning the Company Agenda and Product Development

1:45 pm How to Structure Material Properties to Achieve the End Goal Product


• Utilising microorganisms in the production of custom textures and material properties.
• Shaping microorganisms to create a unique and tailor made product.

2:15 pm PANEL- Encouraging Strategic Partnerships for Brand and Product Expansion


• How to collaborate with different actors to achieve key brand goals.
• How to build investment opportunities to become a strong market competitor.

3:00 pm Networking Afternoon Break

Building Strong Systems to Achieve Effective Distribution and Scaling-Up

3:30 pm Building IT Systems to Enable Sustainable Goals

  • Meg Montes Head of Systems and Business Operations, Ananas Anam

4:00 pm PANEL- Scale-up for Startups: How to Grow Commercially to meet your Ambitions


• How to implement ‘scaling-up’ as a way to grow and develop your company.
• What are the essential steps in successfully scaling-up to the larger market?

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Isaac Emery Founder, Informed Sustainability Consulting

5:00 pm End of Day One