8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Jeff Smith Senior VP & General Manager, Modern Meadow

9:00 am Keynote: Breaking Down Definitions of Bio-based Materials to Facilitate Consistency Across the Fashion & Textile Industry

Riding the Recyclability & Decomposability Wave on The Route to Net-Zero

9:45 am Integrating End of Life Into the Innovation Process to Deliver Biobased Materials or Long-Term Circular Applications

  • Jayesh Vir Co-Founder & President, Green Whisper

10:15 am Panel Discussion: Reimagining a Regenerative Future in The Fashion & Textile Industry With Circular Biosynthetics

Towards Bio-based Alternatives in Fashion & Beyond

11:00 am
Speed Networking & Morning Coffee

11:45 am Identifying Alternatives to Elastane that Improve Circularity in Textiles While Maintaining Elastane’s Long-Lasting, Mechanical Stretch & Recovery

12:15 pm Synchronising the Recycling Stages of Cellulose Between Manufacturing & Bio-based Material Companies

12:45 pm
Networking Lunch Break

1:45 pm Panel Discussion: Enhancing Control of Microfiber & Microplastic Pollution in National Regulation

2:30 pm Engineering Bio-based Materials for Durable Automotive Applications

  • Felix Horn Supply Chain Management Director, Out for Space

Capital Gains from a Consumer-Centric Approach to ‘Bio-based’

3:00 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Defining Sustainability Benefits of Biopolymers to Push for Customer Awareness

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Ensuring Performance of Bio-based Products to Meet Regulatory Demand & Customer Satisfaction

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Jeff Smith Senior VP & General Manager, Modern Meadow

5:00 pm Innovation Forum