8AM - 4PM ET | 2PM - 10PM CET

7:00 am Registration & Networking

7:35 am Opening Remarks

7:40 am Bio-Fabricating for a Sustainable Life

Encouraging Adoption by Brands

8:00 am From the Front Lines: How Bio-Based Materials Measure Up, Out in the Real World


LUXTRA work with the most innovative and pioneering cruelty-free materials available on the market and exclusively choose materials that have ecological or plant-based characteristics.
In this presentation, Jessica will:
• Share lessons learnt around how innovation materials measure up in the real world from the perspective of a brand

8:20 am Understanding Biomaterial Innovations


  • Fashion for Good and Biofabricate co-authored a report in December 2020 – Understanding Biomaterial Innovations
  • The report provides the first comprehensive review of biomaterial technologies for fashion and collates learnings, insights and vital impact areas from leading industry experts in the space
  • This session will dive into the content of the report including definitions, some of the technologies and processes, key learnings for scaling innovations as well as environmental impact hotspots.

8:50 am Live Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

9:00 am Virtual Speed Networking


Recreating the face-to-face networking in the virtual world. We will pair you up with fellow attendees to break the ice and make new business relationships!

Scalability & Commercialization

9:30 am Colorifix Textile Dyeing: Adapting a Natural Process for an Industrial Evolution


Colorifix is the first company to use a biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles.
In this presentation, Jim will:
• Share how to scale processes beyond, integrating directly into the supply chain and conventional dyeing machinery
• Cover lessons learnt and advice for successfully overcoming some of the key scalability hurdles

9:50 am Molecularly Identical, Biodegradable Materials


Provenance Bio are the leading edge in complex protein production, designing and building a new system by engineering the structure of production cells to make proteins with specificity and radical efficiency.
In this presentation, Michalyn will:
• Explore how new synthetic biology tools and fermentation platforms can make previously out-of-reach proteins at scale

10:10 am A Short Introduction to Various Biobased Boundary Innovations in the Fashion Value Chain: From Concept to Impact


The fashion industry is facing many challenges as textile consumption is expected to increase three times by 2050.
In this presentation, Tjeerd will:
• Share his perspectives on accelerating change towards a more sustainable fashion industry, from raw material all the way up to product and the consumer experience, experimenting, testing and designing the entire value chain to achieve impact

10:30 am Why and How to Re-Think the Fashion Supply Chain


Changing material and production techniques are easier than changing human behaviour.
In this presentation, Aniela will:
• Discuss by rethinking the supply chain, we can solve several major issues in the fashion, interior and automotive industry, including reduction of cost, waste, and labour intensity of cut & sew operations and replacing plastics and leathers with compostable materials in a scalable way

10:50 am Live Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

11:00 am Meetings & Live Demo Area


• Live Demo in Virtual Exhibition Hall
• Time to schedule meetings with fellow attendees or chat via the People tab with other attendees to make new business relationships!

Sustainability & End of Life

11:20 am Spinnova: A Circularity Ready Fiber


By 2030, the proportion of cellulose-based textile fibres other than cotton would need to grow significantly, as cotton farming is on a non-sustainable foundation. Spinnova are working hard to create commercially and ecologically sustainable solutions out of cellulose without using harmful chemicals.
In this presentation, Shahriare will:
• Explore how he is working to fill what is known as ‘the cellulose gap’– the increasing shortfall created by the demand for cellulosic textile fibre and cotton’s limited ability to meet it

11:40 am Agraloop: Moving Towards Regenerative Industrialization


Waste is a huge problem. Crop residues are abundant, far too much to compost effectively. This waste is left to rot or burned, creating methane pollution, crop disease, and air pollution that contributes to more than 250,000 deaths per year. Circular Systems are focused on the development of innovative circular and regenerative technologies.
In this presentation, Linus will:
• Share how can low-value agricultural waste be transformed into highvalue NEW natural fibre, yarn, and textile fabrics for the fashion industry

12:00 pm From Seaweed to Fiber; Materials for the Circular Economy


As the world consumes more and more clothing, brands and suppliers are trying to meet this increasing demand by producing more garments.
In this presentation, Aaron will:
• Discuss how to create durable yet rapidly degradable yarns from kelp, and how you can work towards a future where textiles operate in a closed-loop product lifecycle, utilizing materials with a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional textiles

12:20 pm Live Q&A – Ask the Speakers Your Burning Questions

12:30 pm Lunch Break


Make the most of this final break by scheduling meetings with fellow attendees or chat via the People tab to make new connections, exchange virtual business cards and maybe even see a friendly face or two!

12:30 pm ROUNDTABLE: Ensuring Sustainability & Biodegradability in the Production of Bio-Based Materials


• Addressing a sustainable materials future
• Setting up a wholistic system
• The use of by-product waste streams in circular production
• Ensuring biodegradability of alternative materials

1:40 pm Inside the Creation of the Mylo™ Consortium


A behind the scenes look at how Bolt Threads joined forces with four of the world’s leading brands in a unique collaborative partnership to  scale Mylo, a sustainable alternative to animal hide. The partnership between Bolt and industry power players Stella McCartney, adidas, lululemon and Kering offers critical insights into how to engage brands in new materials development.

2:10 pm Investing in Bio-Based Alternative Materials

2:20 pm PANEL: An Investors Perspective


A panel of investors discusses what they look for in brands and how best to secure funding. They will touch on topics such as perfecting your pitch and answer questions from the audience around the capital-raising process.

2:50 pm Closing Remarks

3:00 pm Close of Conference Day 2